Harrows - Strix Bulbous Darts - Steel Tip - 90% Tungsten - 21g 23g 24g 25g

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Precision is paramount when machining intricate grip over the length of the barrel, which is testament to the advanced CNC facilities that the team at Harrows have. Delicate ringed cuts, varying in width and depth, cover the barrel offering a strong grip, regardless of where a player holds the dart.

The barrel is coated in heavy duty titanium nitride and re-cut to leave a striking black and silver finish.

Strix is offered in 2 shapes; bulbous, designed for players looking for a front weighted ergonomic dart and parallel, the ever popular mid-weighted barrel profile.


  • 3 90% Strix Barrels
  • 3 Supergrip Carbon Shafts
  • 3 Strix Fights


    Weight Length Width Tungsten %
     21 grams  50.0mm  7.1mm  90% 
     23 grams  50.0mm  7.3mm  90%
     24 grams  50.0mm  7.4mm  90% 
     25 grams  50.0mm  7.6mm  90% 

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