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Shot - Bandit Duro Dartboard & Surround Package


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Bandit Duro Dartboard:

Bred to survive in the desert, the Bandit Duro is built to take a beating. Premium African conditioned self-healing sisal bristles are packed to optimal depth and 6% denser, for a firmer, tougher playing surface. This makes the Duro a worthy match for a harder throwing style, and for players using conversion points or new generation points with maximum grip factor. Each bristle is infused with quality inks for a low glare, colour-fast surface with great visibility. 
Bandit boards are easy to install, with Shot’s own innovative one-component bracket system bracket system in heavy duty nylon. This also makes it stronger and more stable than conventional steel dartboard mounting brackets. Its unique interlocking design and smooth plastic composite edging mean it’s easy to rotate, for even target wear.

The Bandit full size 18" x 1.5" dartboard meets World Dart Federation specs, so you’re always up for the competition. Use the chart included, to help calculate your finishes. The Bandit Duro comes complete with a bonus measuring tape, new stabilising system and darts handbook.  


  • PREMIUM QUALITY: Self-healing African conditioned sisal for the ultimate durability.
  • REDUCED BOUNCE OUTS: Superfine, staple-free razor-bladed wires mean consistently higher scores.
  • EASY TO INSTALL: It’s stress-free to hang and rotate the wall bracket or the number ring without removing the dartboard. 
  • PROFESSIONAL GRADE: Full size 18" x 1 1/2" dartboard meets World Dart Federation specifications.
  • COMPOSITE BOARD EDGING: Assists number ring rotation and provides a clean and finished look.
  • CHOICE OF SISAL DENSITIES: The Bandit Duro is Hard Packed with 6% more sisal, best suited for a heavier throw, a dry climate and use with grip points.
  • COLOURS: Improved non-fade eco ink colours tested for optimal use under lighting. The brighter colours are not distracting tonally.
  • BRACKET: The Bandit’s unique patented U bracket system now comes partially pre-fixed for easy installation.
  • STABILISING BACKING SYSTEM: This reduces board movement and aids noise reduction. The supplied foam wedges provide extra support.
  • BONUS: Measuring tape included to mark out dartboard mounting height and throwline. Also included is an instructional handbook with a checkout chart and popular dart games.

        One Piece Surround:

        This injection moulded, professional dartboard surround is ultra heavy duty, long lasting and simply fits securely over all standard sized dartboards with no fixing required to provide full protection.  


        • Lightweight injection moulded protection ring
        • Holds dart points securely
        • Virtually eliminates the risk of ‘bounce-outs’ from near misses
        • Protects surrounding area from accidental surface marks and damage
        • Clamps around a standard bristle dartboard with no fixings required
        • Non reflective surface 
        • Diameter = 68cm

        Available Colours:

        • Black
        • Red
        • Anthem