Shot - Bandit Plus Dartboard & Surround Package



Our Shot Darts, Bandit Plus Dartboard Package is excellent value and gives you a beautiful, professional, dartboard setup. Included is a Bandit Plus Dartboard and either a Red or Black 1 Piece Dartboard Surround. 

Bandit Plus Dartboard:
The Bandit Plus by Shot Darts is the official competition dartboard for Darts Australia. The new composite edge and backing board not only ensure a lighter and quieter board but also give the board a clean modern look. The new mounting bracket makes installing the board and rotating the board both simple and easy. The new backing board is recyclable and is significantly lighter than other dart boards, as it is made from a percentage of recycled plastic (no MDF used).
  • Razor bladed white wiring system for high visibility
  • No staples to help prevent bounce outs for maximum scoring
  • Bladed outer and micro inner bulls eyes for higher scoring
  • Quality eco inks for a deep, durable, high visibility, low glare and colourfast surface
  • Unique wall bracket included for ease of installing and rotation without removing dartboard
  • Complies with World Dart Federation specifications
  • Made from premium quality conditioned African sisal for its resilience and visibility
  • New composite edging and backing for a quieter dartboard
  • Darts handbook included 
1 Piece Dartboard Surround:

This injection moulded, professional dartboard surround is ultra heavy duty, long lasting and simply fits securely over all standard sized dartboards with no fixing required to provide full protection.  


  • Lightweight injection moulded protection ring
  • Holds dart points securely
  • Virtually eliminates the risk of ‘bounce-outs’ from near misses
  • Protects surrounding area from accidental surface marks and damage
  • Clamps around a standard bristle dartboard with no fixings required
  • Non reflective surface