Shot - Ronin Dart Shirts - S to 6XL

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Play like a samurai with the new Shot Darts Ronin Shirt. Incorporating the design from our Ronin Rei dart set in standout regal colours, this shirt provides the comfort and flexibility you need, so you can play well and command respect at the same time. Made from a quality performance fabric that is quick dry and breathable, this shirt features a slimmer collar, zip neckline and chest pocket. With the Shot Darts logo. Unisex shirt in a range of sizes.

Size Chart:

 Size  Chest  Length
 S  51cm  70cm
 M  54cm  72cm
 L  57cm  74cm
 XL  60cm  76cm
 2XL  63cm  78cm
 3XL  65cm  80cm
 4XL  68cm  82cm
 5XL  71cm  84cm
 6XL  74cm  86cm

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