Shot - Toni Alcinas Samurai Darts - Soft Tip - 80% Tungsten - 18g 20g

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Shot Darts joins forces with their sponsored pro darts player, Spanish number 1 Toni ‘The Samurai’ Alcinas. As dedicated as the elite Japanese warriors, Toni has been honing his skills on the Professional Darts Corporation circuit since 2010. The Toni Alcinas range captures the agility, courage and honour in battle of the ancient Samurai caste. Designed to deliver pinpoint accuracy and seamless consistency, these professional tungsten darts refine every throw to make you master of your darts game.

Defend your territory. Perfectly honed in 80% tungsten, this simple, streamlined barrel has a steadfast grip running its length – with a centre balance to suit novices and elites alike. Each precision-machined Tony Alcinas barrel is engraved with the samurai kanji – your mark of honour in victory.

This Pro Dart Series soft tip barrel has sections of alternating ring grip following the bullnose of the barrel, this provides maximum contact points and allows for a comfortable, moderate grip.

Designed to last and built to win by our team at Shot Darts, in conjunction with sponsored Spain Pro Darts Player Toni Alcinas.


    • Made in New Zealand
    • 3 x 80% Tungsten Darts
    • Grip Rating 3/5
    • Centre Weighted
    • Premium Lippoint
    • 3 x Toni Alcinas Samurai Standard Flights
    • 3 x Eagle Claw Black Red Intermediate Shafts


    Weight Barrel Weight Length Width Tungsten %
     18 grams  16.5 grams  44.0mm  6.4mm  80% 
     20 grams  18.5 grams  46.0mm  6.5mm  80% 

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