Treble Trainer

Treble Trainer - Darts Target Practice & Muscle Memory Training Aid


Treble Trainer is a dart players practice aid. Its unique design enables players to practice everything they need to improve their game.The trainer helps create muscle memory and hand-eye coordination.

The Treble Trainer has been specifically designed to include all doubles and selected trebles, i.e. You will find no treble ones, three or five etc, after all, these are the trebles all players strive to avoid therefore no practice for these targets is necessary. The Treble Trainer is manufactured with a material that is not only light and easy to use but very robust with a good longevity. Darts will stick in the trainer when the intended target is missed, thus not weakening or blunting the darts point. The Treble Trainer has been designed for players of all abilities to use and regular practice on the trainer will inevitably improve your game.

Includes free Segment Trainer valued at $9.95 –  more info below.

Included in the pack is the Segment Trainer, this unique practice trainer is very different to the Treble Trainer yet vital to the improvement of your game. No dart player of any ability likes to stray into the five’s or the one’s whilst going for the 20 segment, yet it is so easy to. The Segment Trainer helps prevent this, the Segment Trainer creates a muscle memory situation when it is used on a daily basis, it can be moved around the board to practice on different segments too i.e. 19’s and 18’s etc. This training aid is fitted to the board the same way as the Treble Trainer and should be used in conjunction with it. Just watch those averages soar and the amount of darts used to finish a leg dramatically fall with these unique training devices, Treble Trainer could be the best investment a dart player could ever spend on themselves.

*Dartboard Not Included!

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