BULL'S - Stinger Darts - Steel Tip - 90% Tungsten - 21g 23g 25g


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Precision meets design. This exceptional dart is characterized by the highest quality and a unique look. Stinger is made from 90% tungsten and was created using high-precision CNC milling technology. This dart also has a tested weight deviation of <0.1g. The golden titanium coating rounds off the barrel impressively. This machined tip with its additional cross grip gives the player maximum control over their darts.


  • 3 x 90% Tungsten Darts
  • 3 x B-Grip Shafts
  • 3 x Stinger Flights
  • 3 x Stinger Points
  • 1 x Point Protector


Weight Length Width Tungsten %
 21 grams  50.0mm  7.00mm  90%
 23 grams  50.0mm  7.40mm  90%
 25 grams  50.0mm  7.80mm  90%

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