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Formula Sports

Formula Sports - Rotating Dartboard Mounting Bracket

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The 'U' holder dartboard mounting kit is designed for easy mounting for a secure fit and easy rotation to prolong the life of your dartboard. This innovative mounting kit is an easily removable, versatile dartboard mounting device made from heavy duty nylon offering greater stability and strength than conventional basic steel dartboard mounting brackets, whilst the unique interlocking design allows for easy dartboard rotation.
  • Wall mounted (U shape) bracket: The wall mounted bracket has a bullseye alignment hole which takes the guesswork out of getting the correct height for mounting your dartboard to the wall.
  • Dartboard mounted (disc) bracket: The dartboard male bracket is screwed to the back of your dartboard and has a much larger mounting area than conventional steel 'hook in' mounting brackets. As a result this greater mounting area provides greater stability for the dartboard.
  • 4 long screws to mount 'U' bracket to wall and 4 short screws to mount disc bracket to the back of the dartboard. 

Mounting Dimensions:

  • From the floor to the centre of the bullseye: 173cm
  • From the bullseye to the oche (throwing line): 237cm