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Gran Darts - GranBoard 132 - Steel Tip Size - Bluetooth Electronic LED Soft Tip Dartboard

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Gran Darts are proud to have the 13.2 inch GranBoard model join the GRANBOARD family.

The 13.2 inch size is the standard for soft tip dartboards in Europe. The GRANBOARD 132 was created in response to the demand of European players wanting to join the GRANBOARD App, the largest community of online soft tip dart players.

The GranBoard 132 is also the same size as a steel tip dartboard which is perfect for steel tip players wanting to play soft tip darts and still aim for the same size targets.

*USB power adapter is not included. USB power adapter must be atleast 1.5 amps but 2.4 amps is recommended. It also runs on 2 x AA batteries.

*The recommended dart weight for the GranBoard 132 is 20gm or less and is only to be used with soft tip darts.

  • The next generation of home electronic dartboards.
  • All new touch sensor for player change instead of a button.
  • Use your own iPhone, tablet, Android, or Smart TV for graphics and scoring
  • Completely application-driven dartboard, fully compatible with Android and IOS.
  • The Granboard 132 tracks averages and uploads information to a large worldwide database which is kept seperate to the Granboard 3s data.
  • New games will be added with free app upgrades
  • Runs on 2 AA Batteries – play with it anywhere! (LED lights only work with USB power)
  • The acoustic absorbent material in all segments deadens sound
  • Registers darts that hit the outer scoring area of the board.
  • 9 Levels of Play against the computer
  • Plays Cricket, 01 Games, Count-Up, Half It, Animal Battle (vs. Computer)
  • Dimensions: 49cm X 49cm x 3cm
  • Hanging Instructions and screws
  • Weight: 2.5kg
  • Material: Plastic (Body), Wood (Back Cover)
  • Bluetooth: 5.0 Low Energy Technology
  • Compatible iOS: Later than iOS7 iPhone: iPhone4s or Later, iPad: iPad3 or Later, and iPod Touch: iPod Touch 5th Generation or Later Smart TV Android
  • Compatible Android OS: Ver4.3 or Later Google: Nexus5, Nexus7 *Only 2013 Version Nexus Series or Later ASUS: MeMo Pad7 ME170C, MeMO Pad7 ME176C.
  • Not compatible with Amazon Fire.

Demo Videos (Dartboards in the videos may not match but their features are similar):

PLEASE NOTE: Any warranty or tech support issues MUST be handled through the HELP link on the Gran Darts app, or by contacting Gran Darts via their Facebook page.

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