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Loxley - Dart Flight Punch

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The Loxley flight punch creates a standard size slot into the tip of each flight enabling a 'shaft spring' or 'aluminium ring' to be inserted and give a stronger hold when inserted into the dart shaft.  A punched flight will help keep your dart flights in place in the shaft and to minimise flight loss during play.

How do I use a Loxley Flight Punch?

  1. Simply align the tip of your flight into the Loxley flight punch using the locator.
  2. Punch the hole by depressing the Loxley flight punch.
  3. Remove flight from flight punch.
  4. Whilst the flight is flat, Insert the 'shaft ring' or 'aluminium ring' in the slot created and open out the flight as you would do normally ready to insert into the dart shaft.  Be sure to keep the ring or spring contained in the slot.  Once the flight is fully opened the spring or ring will be contained within the flight slot.
  5. Insert your flight tip into the shaft, as usual, allowing the ring to pass over the shaft as you insert the flight into the shaft.
  6. Push firmly to secure when the flight is inserted into the shaft, and the ring is surrounding the shaft.
  7. In the words of Russ Bray... Game On!

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