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Mission - Torus 270 Aluminium LED Dartboard Light

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The Torus 270 is a simple way to light your dartboard, without shadows, to improve your vision of the board.  The lighting system quickly clips to any dartboard and the unique 270-degree shape gives you easy access to retrieve your darts during play which is ideal for youth players.

The lightweight frame features bright white LED lights to illuminate the entire dartboard, all without casting shadows or dazzling players.  No matter what existing lighting you have in the room, the Torus 270 dartboard light creates continuous light over your board.

In this unique design, the inside edge of the light rail is tilted 25 degrees outwards to allow even more light to reach the board.

Once installed your Torus 270 won’t moved if knocked. The simple fixings clips firmly onto the dartboard, which means you can use the Torus 270 dartboard light with any bristle board, with a board and surround, or even in a dartboard cabinet.  Installation is very simple; use the Allen key provided to fasten the legs to the light frame, and then effortlessly clip the light to your dartboard.  Simple! 

Available Separately:

The Mission Torus Dimmer Switch allows you to alter the amount of bright white light that floods your dartboard, enabling a truly personal set up.  This is great for having your board less brightly lit when you are not playing.

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