One80 - Dot Trainer Dartboard

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The One80 Dot Trainer dartboard has dots or small circles on each section of the single, double and triple areas, to help players focus and aim. By practising on the Dot Trainer dartboard, dart players will develop the skill of visualising the target dots or circles on the dartboard in their mind subconsciously. In time, they would be able to aim at the invisible dots and circles on regular dartboards.

It is only a small modification, but it can tremendously improve the accuracy of each throw of darts by training players concentration on certain points.


  • 20 Extra Bullseyes are Placed on the Single Sections of the Dartboard
  • Small Dots are in the Centre of Every Triple and Double
  • Helps Players Concentration and Improves Accuracy
  • Triangle Wire Construction
  • Well Packed Super Dense Brazilian Sisal for Excellent Durability
  • Non-Fade Colours with a Rotatable, Anti-Glare Number Ring
  • Staple Free Bullseye
  • Supplied with Mounting Bracket and Instructions

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