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Red Dragon

Red Dragon - Peter Wright Double World Champion Special Edition Darts - Black - Steel Tip - 85% Tungsten - 20g 22g 24g

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Peter “Snakebite” Wright’s journey of a lifetime culminated in a second World Championship title, and he wanted to celebrate with a stunning black diamond coated edition.

The black coated diamond grip is built around the exact dart that Peter used to claim his second epic title.

This amazing addition to his arsenal of Euro 11 style parallel darts comes complete with the striking black finish, allowing players a more subtle look in the dartboard.
This latest SE black version is one of the longest and thinnest dart we have ever constructed for Peter, but comes complete with diamond fusion coating finished in titanium nitride black.

A word of note for those that group darts really well, it will start to wear as you'd expect with the hardest materials known to man colliding - but worthy battle scars!

These Double World Champion Special Editions are fitted with Special Edition Snakebite Nitrotech shafts.

Peter said “These darts handle superbly under all conditions, but winning a second world Title is unbelievably special and the diamond fusion style darts will always have a home in my darts wallet".


  • 85% Tungsten
  • Diamond Fusion Finish
  • Black Titanium Nitride Coating
  • Parallel Barrel
  • Centre Weighted
  • Round Grooves Grip (5/5)
  • 1 Set of Hardcore Snakebite Flights
  • 1 Set of Double World Champion Nitrotech Shafts


    Weight Length Width Tungsten %
     20 grams  54.6mm  6.1mm  85% 
     22 grams  54.6mm  6.3mm  85%
     24 grams  54.6mm  6.6mm  85%

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