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Red Dragon

Red Dragon - Pro Position Dart Mat

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Taking aim like the pros has never been easier! The Pro-Position mat enables the user to stand in the position of the pro’s and take aim to the board.

You can choose positions from some of the world’s best player including the Double World Champion and World Number 1, Peter ‘Snakebite’ Wright, World Number 2 and 2020 World Champion, Gerwyn Price and reigning Premier League Champion, Jonny Clayton.

The Pro-Position mat comes with clear and concise tournament oche measurements and is finished with a modern PVC material to provide a non-slip feel.

Peter 'Snakebite' Wright:

Peter Wright, a right-handed player, has a "central" set-up position on the Oche, favouring his right eye.

His right foot and hip are turned side on to the centre target line which enables him to turn his right shoulder in toward the target line, and to then bring his throwing arm and dart "hold" up to align in front of his right eye on the target line.

Gerwyn 'The Iceman' Price:

Gezzy, a right-handed player stands to the right of centre in his set up, his stance, right foot & hip position allows his right shoulder and throwing arm to align perfectly to his target. Gezzy draws his dart back on a central sighting line. The Iceman’s head angle at address is perfectly level with both eyes square to the line of aim which enables him to trust his set up and execution.

Jonny 'The Ferret 'Clayton:

Jonny Clayton, a right-handed player stands 6” to 8” inches to the left of centre in his set-up at the oche. So technically his set-up position is left of the centre target line to the dartboard.

His right foot and hip are closed to the centre target line, which allows his right shoulder to stay bang on his target line. Jonny draws his dart back to dead centre of his eyes.

Whichever position you decide to try at east you can clearly see it’s been tried and tested by the very best - have fun.

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