Red Dragon

Red Dragon - Rifle Darts - Steel Tip - 90% Tungsten - 21g 23g


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Rifle darts tapered profile and evolution spin-control grooves help create pure spin and style angular momentum release for the purest flight. The fingers “sit” within precision edges creating torque to spin the dart on the axis of the throw. Greater optimal linear momentum delivers precise symmetric dynamics.


  • 90% Tungsten
  • Painted Finish
  • Centre Weighted
  • Specialist Tapered Barrel
  • Specialist Grip (5/5)
  • 1 Set of Ying Yang Flights
  • 1 Set of Nitrotech Shafts


Weight Length Width Tungsten %
 21 grams  45.7mm  7.65mm  90%
 23 grams  45.7mm  7.90mm  90%