Shot - Birds of Prey Kestrel Darts - Steel Tip - 80% Tungsten - 23g 24g 25g 27g

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Inspired by magnificent raptors, the Birds of Prey dart range brings the same deadly accuracy, stealth, and speed to the game as these great winged hunters. The Kestrel features a distinct push point behind its rounded nose. The precision ring grip follows for another assured push point and comfortable no-slip grip. The swift Kestrel is designed for front and centre throwers; win on a wing and capture the game.

Complete with a pocket-sized case – perfect for keeping your darts in pristine playing condition.


  • Made in New Zealand
  • 3 x 80% Tungsten Darts
  • Front Loaded Barrel
  • Front Weighted
  • Ring Grip (3/5)
  • 3 x Kestrel Flights
  • 3 x Aluminium Shafts
  • 1 x Dart Case


    Weight Length Width Tungsten %
     23 grams  48.0mm  8.0mm  80%
     24 grams  48.0mm  8.0mm  80% 
     25 grams  50.0mm  8.0mm  80
     27 grams  49.0mm  9.0mm  80%