Shot - Michael Smith - Bully Boy - Bristle Dartboard

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This easy-to-install competition-sized dartboard is ready for you to hang and play on right away. Grab your darts and bring the noise! The Michael Smith "Bully Boy" dartboard is manufactured from quality sisal bristle fibres. It includes a removable number ring for even surface wear and longer life. Crafted in quality sisal with vibrant, long-lasting colours, strong slim round wire construction, and a staple free bullseye. This sleek staple-free technology means fewer bounce-outs and consistently better scores.


  • Full size 18" x 1 1/2" Dartboard with strong round-wire construction and slim wire fasteners.
  • Rotate the number ring regularly to even out surface wear and extend the life of the dartboard.
  • High-density fibre composition for added durability.
  • Easy to install with bracket enclosed and hanging instructions.