Shot - Tribal Weapon Black Ti Dart Points - 35mm

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For Sharper Shooting!

Hard-wearing, hardworking and highly resistant to corrosion, this set of 3x Titanium-coated steel tip dart points features a winning 1-2-3 combination of incredible strength, low density, and outstanding corrosion resistance.

Each point is clad in superfine ti coating that’s just a few microns thick. The process is carried out under stringent quality control in the Shot Darts factory – to ensure uniformity and accuracy.

An optimal level of cinder grip in the Tribal Weapon design is then applied for better penetration, grip and hold to the dartboard’s sisal fibres. To minimise dartboard wear and tear, these points are rigorously tested to release smoothly from your dartboard, every time.


 1 Set:  3 Points
 Length:  35mm

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