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Target - MOD Dartboard System - Complete Setup

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This is a complete MOD kit and includes:

  • 1x MOD Hub - Dartboard wall mount for attaching the dartboard and accessory rails. Includes 2 power outlets and 2 usb plugs to power lights, phones and accessories.
  • 1x MOD Halo Dartboard Light
  • 1x MOD Surround - Slimline surround designed to compliment the MOD System
  • 2x MOD Rails - 35cm - Arms for attaching the MOD Halo Light
  • 1x MOD Rail - 50cm - Arm for attaching the MOD Accessories
  • 1x MOD Stand- Accessory for darts storage
  • 1x MOD Phone Holder - Accessory for holding a mobile phone

*Dartboard, Phone & Darts are NOT included!

The MOD Hub is the centre piece of the MOD System, it's features include:

  • 10 x Mechanical dartboard rotations without the need to remove your board.
  • Your dartboard connects to the HUB, to rotate your dartboard, a simple pull and turn will unlock the system and allow you turn your dartboard before locking securely back into place at the perfect angle.
  • Rotating your dartboard can be done without removing your dartboard or accessories.
  • Multiple power outlets to aid your game and keep your setup wire free.
  • Each HUB has 1 power input and 4 power outlets.
    - Keep your scoring device charged at all times.
    - Power your lighting system such as the MOD HALO.
  • Multiple different angles to grow your set up.
  • Each HUB contains 8 different angles for you to grow your MOD system. When connecting the MOD RAILS you can go in any direction you require depending on your personal preference and room space.