Unicorn - Gary Anderson Noir Darts - Steel Tip - 90% Tungsten - 21g 23g 25g 27g


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The Unicorn Noir range of darts optimises class and style. Renowned championship winning players patterns in a black titanium nitride coating. Secondary machining coupled with laser engraved player signature and Unicorn hallmark.


  • Championship Winning Players Patterns
  • 90% Black Titanium Nitride Tungsten
  • Ultrafly Noir Flights
  • Guaranteed Weight Certified ±0.1g
  • Engraved Unicorn Hallmark
  • Includes 4 Sets of Noir Ultrafly Flights
  • 1 Set of Premier Aluminium Shafts
  • 2 Sets of Gripper 4 Two-Tone Shafts


Weight Length Width Tungsten %
 21 grams  52.3mm  6.10mm  90%
 23 grams  52.3mm  6.40mm  90%
 25 grams  52.3mm  6.60mm  90%
 27 grams  52.3mm  6.90mm  90%

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