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Viper - ProScore Electronic Dart Scorer - 40 Games

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If you tire of keeping score by hand, look no further than the Viper Proscore. The backlit LCD display allows you to see scores from the throw line easily. This scoreboard comes pre-programmed with 40 games - you’ll never run out of new options and games to play. Popular games included are: 01 single in/out, 01 double in/out and master out for 01 games. A handicap feature levels the playing field, so pros and beginners can play together competitively.

The Viper Proscore supports up to 8 players, so no one will have to sit on the sidelines. If you need some practice on your own, you can play against computer opponents as well. The Proscore is powered by three AA batteries (not included) for a cord free experience and has an auto sleep feature if you forget to power it down. Also included is the mounting hardware you’ll need for a quick and easy installation next to your dartboard.


  • With 40 games and 655 options you’ll find all of your time-honored favourites, and new experiences as well.
  • LCD scoreboard is backlit with sharp red light for higher visibility from the throw line.
  • A custom handicap options allows you to even out the playing field between pros and novices.
  • Supports up to 8 player multiplayer and computer opponents.
  • Includes easy to use mounting hardware for a cabinet and a wall
  • Battery operated, uses three AA batteries (batteries not included)
  • You can also use a 5v Power Supply (not included)

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